Chop Off Your Head

A 113 pound (an 88# and a 25# KB) ring dip?  Ben made it look easy.  Congratulations Ben.

A 113 pound (an 88# and a 25# KB) ring dip? Yep, and Ben made it look easy. Congratulations Ben.

I was lifting the other day in the box and I was getting mad dogged in a big way. Every time I looked up, I was getting the evil eye.  And it started to get into my head.

But, the whole thing was already in my head.  You see, it was the weights that were messing with me.  I was trying for a new clean and jerk PR of 255 pounds. The sight of the bar sitting on the platform, loaded with two big 45# bumps and a 15# plate on each side, was just ruining me. And it got worse and worse after each attempt.  Pretty soon, I was so nervous and intimidated, that I was pacing back and forth shaking with adrenaline.  Billy was about to fall over from laughter and I was done for the day.

Ever happen to you? A while ago it also happened to me with 405 on the deadlift.  I would look at the barbell, four fat wheels on each side, just imagining how heavy it would be, and die a little inside.  Yeah, maybe it’s just me, but I think everyone feels that way at times.

Sometimes you need to just chop off your head.  Chop it off and get rid of it.  Your head can be your worst enemy when it comes to lifting.

How do you deal with intimidating weight?  Please post to Comments.


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