Class One CrossFit


Class One CrossFit owners Ken and Steve and Class One trainer Erica.


On vacation in New York City, I stopped in at Class One CrossFit in Brooklyn. Ya know, setting foot into a CrossFit gym anywhere in the world is a pretty cool experience. The physical space may vary enormously, Class One is a smaller size box; the equipment might be all over the place, Class One has all the standard equipment with an emphasis on power lifting; the programming can focus on just about anything, I did two very nice back-to-back WODs with one of the trainers, Erica, an active CrossFit competitor and former fighter. But it is the people who are the same everywhere. Welcoming, friendly, smart, inviting, talkative, awesome and just plain friendly.

In short, CrossFit people rock and going to CrossFit gyms around the world is a great experience because the people inhabiting them are everything you would expect from those in your gym at home–pretty much just wonderful folk (with their own regional flair, of course). Thanks for a great workout Erica, and thanks for a great welcome Steve and Ken. I hope you guys can make it out to Santa Cruz sometime. The workout, and beers, is on me.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz will be hosting an indian summer barbecue and potluck on Sunday the 21st at 1PM (right after Open Gym), the day after the SC Affiliate Cup. Just like the Affiliate Cup itself, it is all about fun and participation. More details to come.


Overhead Squat

5×3 (add 5# to last week)


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

10 Man-Makers 45/25#

20 Situps

200m Run