The Tiger, aka Leslie H, pulls a PR just a few pounds from double bodyweight.

Last night in my kickboxing class, we were working combinations on the focus mitts.  My assistant instructor, an unhappily retired former fighter, was calling out the combos.  Jab, upper to the spleen, hook, overhand right, left low kick. Right straight, left upper to the liver, left hook, overhand right, right low kick, knee.  In the middle of these 4-6 count combos, he called for jab, elbow, knee.  Ah yes, my mind said, a classic.  Simple. Effective. Deadly.  It made my heart happy.

Sometimes the simple combinations are the best.  It’s the same with WODs.  You can program any number of movements and get a great workout, but the classics seem to work best.  The classic WODs are the simple ones.  Effective. Deadly. Think weightlifting/gymnastics couplet, for example.  There is nothing quite like a weightlifting element, lighter for reps, heavy for less, and a gymnastic element to put you on the floor.

Everything has its place, but remember, keep it simple.  Keep it classic.

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Front Squat

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


400m Run

1-7-1 (1, 2…7, 6, 5…1)

Power Clean 185/125#


200m Run