Clean Up! Everybody Clean UP!



From Coach Megan – Member, Mother, and Coach:

“First, we are constantly reminding our athletes at the office and Aptos about this as people get distracted and forget to put their stuff away or clean up after themselves. We know it’s not done out of spite and that people just get distracted and forget.

Second, Coaches, try and remind the athletes to clean up right after class before they get distracted by the conversations that get going and this should help alleviate some of the problem.

Third, I’m the writing on the rigg!!! frown emoticon I’m totally one of those distracted athletes (which is funny cause I’m always picking shit up), but even as a coach we sometimes forget to clean up. No one’s perfect but if we all remind one another, I know that we can do better.

Thanks to Carlos for calling it out and for all your hard work in making the gym look so damn good. I am soooo sorry for being a part of the problem and will make sure that I remind myself and others to tidy up! heart emoticon”



Lately our gyms have been looking a little unloved. It is time now to get our acts together and clean up after ourselves. Wipe down, and put away your equipment! This goes for members, coaches, and owners as well! Let’s all do our part and make our gym the cleanest gym in town!  Clean it. Wipe it. Love it.