Cleaning House

The long suffering, but very patient, Emily drops into a burpee.

I was puttering outside around the house Sunday afternoon–trimming shrubberies (no, I am not a shrubber), putting things away, kind of organizing stuff, half-heartedly cleaning things up, annoying Emily (hey, that’s what love is all about)–when I happened to get a glimpse of my house’s gutters.  Ugh, they were not in good shape.  Well, up on the roof I scrambled and spent the next hour or so cleaning out the gutters.  Yeah, it wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon, but sometimes you just have to clean house.

And that is exactly what I want all of you to do this next week.  Clean house.  No, I don’t mean your gym bag, although that probably could use cleaning.  I mean your body.  Every CrossFitter has a lingering tweak or two that you have been meaning to take care of.  Something that really isn’t an injury, but is more annoying than limiting.  It hurts, but not enough to make it a priority.  It might even be something like really tight ankles and calves that force you to pronate and other bad stuff when you squat.

Ok, here is the plan.  You are going to focus on that one thing for the entire week. Roll, ice, massage, stretch, whatever (all of the above works best) for the whole week.  Everyday, maybe even a couple times a day.  Really take care of that one little thing for the whole week.  I think you will be surprised at what a difference one week of attention will make. Go for it. Just totally blitz that nagging limitation.

Clean house.

Please post your focus for the week to Comments.


5 Rounds


Press/Push Press/Push Jerk (go as heavy as the press allows and add weight each round)


5 Rounds

5 Squat Snatch 135/85#

10 Burpees

20 Double Unders