Cleans and Pulls


CFWSC trainer Ed, Jason, Jocelyn; post Helen.

CF West Santa Cruz friend and all around stud Greg Amundson has written an article for the CrossFit Journal. If you don’t subscribe to the Journal, then get it. It’s around 25 smacks a year and chock full of all sorts of good stuff. And with a new format change, you get access to every back issue and all the articles. Well worth it.


Clean and Jerk

7 sets of 3 reps

Do 3 progressively heavier warmup sets and then 4 sets with your working weight.

Clean Pulls

4 sets of 3 reps

Place a stick or PVC pipe across a the uprights of a squat stand at a height equal to the height of your second pull on a clean. Load up the bar with more than your clean 1RM and try to hit the stick every time.

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