Coach K Talks to Ty About Local Harvest

Uh, yum

Uh, yum

Anyone who has not consumed a meal that Ty Pearce made himself has not lived! After hearing that launched, I immediately ordered the Organic Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Braised Grass Fed Beef.

The chicken revealed hints of tart lemon and a pungent, pine-like flavor and was paired with roasted sweet potatoes that were cooked to perfection with a slighty crispy outside and a soft, candied flavor on the inside, and broccoli that was doused in lemon, garlic, and chewy prosciutto pieces. The braised beef was so tender and moist from the gravy-like sauce, talk about comfort food. Topped with carmelized onion, and paired with savory mashed sweet potato, roasted carrots and parsnips.

I admit that I am a heavy eater. Each of these meals had perfect portion sizes of meat, vegetables, and starchy sweet potato, which left my stomach pleasantly full and nourished. If you are a light eater, these portions would be fantastic to share or have for lunch and dinner. The other great aspect of Local Harvest To Go is that if you are on a time crunch or stumped on what to make, having a well-balanced, healthy meal ready to devour is always a plus! **It’s called winning** Being entirely pleased by the delicious meals, I spoke with Ty in the middle of his workout (he still got all his sets and reps in, I swear) to learn more about his up-and-coming business.

How long have you been a chef/cook?

Twenty years. Prior to Local Harvest I was at Sunrise Bistro out of East Bay.

What made you want to go down the ‘paleo’ route?

My business partner (Denna Myers, owner of Local Harvest Catering) and I want to use simple ingredients that are both seasonal and sustainable.

Tell me a bit about the menu…

The menu changes every week with three new entrees. We may switch up the meat using chicken, beef, fish, etc. and changing up the vegetable choices and always having a variety of sweet potatoes. There is always a soup on the menu, sweet/savory nuts, stuffed sweet potato (stuffed with bacon, apple, spinach, and onion) and our “Super Clean” meal which has very little seasoning and fat.

When do the new menus come out?

New menus are up every Tuesday.

Perfect! So when do I have to order by to receive my meal?

To have your meal by Monday, you would need to order by Thursday, or order by Monday to receive your meal Thursday. Make sense? 

Absolutely! Your favorite meal would consist of what?

Grilled mahi, kale with toasted garlic, and sweet potatoes.

Nice choice! Could you make that for me? What is the overall goal with Local Harvest?

We would like to have a set location (cafe style) where customers could come in and order their meal by selecting a protein, vegetable, and sweet potato.

Is there a timeline with that goal?

Within the next year.

Final question…since Santa Cruz is big on going green, what kind of tupperware are the meals delivered in?

The tupperware we have is compostable, microwaveable, and oven-safe.

Thank you Ty for your time! Can’t wait to continue tasting all your culinary creations.

**Meals are delivered to West every Monday/Thursday by 7:00am**