Coach K’s Got Your Back

Dom S; playing on the rings.

Dom S; playing on the rings.

“Six-packs are made in the kitchen.”

            “Ha! Yeah they are! Toss me a cold one would ya?!”

Ha! Haven’t heard that one before…and since none of us are laughing we have come to realize the first statement is a valid one. In the grand scheme of things, food is not hard to understand. It’s understanding why we like a certain foods scent, texture, taste, and overall appeal, as well as, how certain food makes us feel i.e. emotionally and physically. So what’s the big deal?!?

There is a countless amount of options in the grocery store which is why it can be overwhelming not only to the eyes but to the stomach (which is why you do not grocery shop when hungry. We know this.) Not only that, but now somebody somewhere decided to insanely confuse the public with labeling “All Natural!” “Vegan!” “No refined sugar!” “Fat-Free!” “Wait we’re just kidding! More fat added!”. Just tell me what it all means!

At this point, there is no kidding yourself; you know what food is good (hint: typically it comes from the ground and was eaten before the agricultural era…and everything that has once had eyes). And you know what food makes you feel not so hot. We know this much; sugar is no good. Saturated fat is very good. Dairy..unless your goal is to gain weight, skip it. Soy can go fly a kite with its hormonal friends. Vegetables are AMVAP (as many veggies as possible). Gluten…if you ask me? Two words. Leaky gut. Gross.

The great thing about food is how we can make it very social. Having positive interactions during a meal can improve our feelings about it. Having just the opposite can taint taste or our appetite and then we’re back on the comfort food grind. Everyone has different eating habits whether we are talking about family or friends and it can be a burden if you are the one attempting to change the eating habits within your family. Just remember that you are in control of what you get to put into your body. It does not matter if it is your best friend that was your groomsman 15 years ago or your 6-year-old child trying to convince you that there might be a world shortage of ice cream starting tomorrow which is why we have to eat it now! YOU are in control. And we all know that ice cream isn’t what makes the world go round…. it’s bacon. Now back to that six-pack…

The amount of energy and time that is spent doing a WOD, the struggle of trying to get just one more burpee (the struggle is most definitely real), sweating in your own eyes where it burns severely but you continue moving with your eyes shut, driving so fiercely out of a squat you swear you could see the ghost of your great-great-grandmother telling you to come to the light….none of that will matter with continuous poor eating habits. Meaning, all that hard work done for nothing. You cannot outwork a crap-filled diet. If you are one of those folks who needs to be held accountable for what you eat, who needs to learn how to eat the right amounts, or even needs a buddy in this journey to recognize what is healthy and what is not, I, Kayla B., would be happy to help and answer any questions. Why? Because having a healthy relationship with food means endless possibilities of experimenting in the kitchen, enjoyment of consuming your appetizing experiments, feeling satisfied and alert after a meal, and then being able to share those experiences with your loved ones!

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” -Luciano Pavarotti