COACHES CORNER: Facts of Lower Back Pain

Every week our coaches at West continue to grow as coaches with evidence based information to help move our athletes forward.

Below is a small excerpt from last week’s emails:

“We as coaches of West, need to educate, and guide our athletes with evidence-informed education and care for LBP. We need to listen to our athletes, hear their fears and beliefs with LBP and create positive and constructive discussions moving them forward in their journey.”

Facts that we need to educate our community about LBP.

Fact 1: LBP is not a serious life threatening medical condition.

Fact 2: Most episodes of LBP improve and LBP does not get worse as we age.

Fact 3: A negative mindset, fear avoidance behavior, negative recovery expectations, and poor pain coping behaviors are more strongly associated with persistent pain than is tissue damage. 🔥

Fact 4: Scans do not determine prognosis of the current episode of LBP, the likelihood of future LBP disability, and do not improve LBP clinical outcomes.

Fact 5: Graduated exercise and movement in all directions is safe and healthy for the spine.🔥

Fact 6: Spine posture during sitting, standing and lifting does NOT predict LBP or its persistence.🔥

Fact 7: A weak core does not cause LBP, and some people with LBP tend to over-tense their ‘core’ muscles. While it is good to keep the trunk muscles strong, it is also helpful to relax them when they aren’t needed.

Fact 8: Spine movement and loading is safe and builds structural resilience when it is graded.🔥

Fact 9: Pain flare-ups are more related to changes in activity, stress and mood rather than structural damage.

Fact 10: Effective care for LBP is relatively cheap and safe. This includes: education that is patient-centered and fosters a positive mindset, and coaching people to optimize their physical and mental health (such as engaging in physical activity and exercise, social activities, healthy sleep habits and body weight🔥.