Coaching Nightmare

Desmond sez- lift weights, be more popular.

Stephanie and Ashley.

CrossFit is a coach’s nightmare.  Uh oh, that’s it, I am probably in big trouble.  I expect to get hauled into the principal’s office and chewed out.  Maybe my affiliate will get Saturday detention, or lose some of those gold stars I have accumulated on the big affiliate board.  But, let’s face it, the unknown and unknowable is an utter nightmare when it comes to coaching.

Heavy lifts, endurance running, gymnastic skills, short high intensity efforts, sprinting, jump roping, Olympic lifts, 40 minute long events, 2 minute long events…egad, what kind of sport is this?

How do you prepare for everything, for anything, at once?  The answer is like the old joke about porcupines and sex–very carefully.  Training for a CrossFit competition like the CF Games is a daunting task.  You have no idea before hand what the events are going to entail, and the spectrum of possible events is incredibly broad.

Of course your preparation is going to have to include an awful lot of good old fashioned CrossFit, and by this I mean WODs.  But, 2 of the 4 Games have had runs of about 5 miles or so, and the other 2 had runs of a mile or so. You might have to supplement with some longer distance running.  Half of the Games have had max lifts in them.  It would probably be a good idea to hit the weights, both the slow and quick lifts. Several of the Games have featured some specialized gymnastics skills–muscle ups, ring handstand pushups, pistols.  You can’t neglect the bodyweight skills. And what about all the different Sectional and Regional qualifying comps.  Yeah, that adds up to a lot of different events.

Training for CrossFit competition is a pretty complicated task.  A lot of modalities and skills need to be juggled and worked hard.  Weaknesses need to be trained–nothing can really be ignored, and all the while overtraining, injury, and burnout need to avoided.

Sure, it’s a nightmare, but it’s a pretty fun and challenging nightmare.

How would you train for the CF Games?  Please post to Comments.


Back Squat (this 5RM starts the final cycle of our current back squat program)

Find a new 5RM.


10 Clean and Jerks 135/85#

400m Run

10 Clean and Jerks

200m Run

10 Clean and Jerks

100m Run