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Now below is an elaborate strategy write up by Coach Jacob, CrossFit Strategist, Author and writer for Juggernaut Training systems!


16.1 by Coach Jacob!

Output Management & Technical Considerations

This workout is all about pacing. For most intermediate to high level athletes, there is no particular movement which will determine the outcome. Instead, the key is finding a challenging but sustainable pace and gritting it out.

Controlling transitions and rest periods is crucial in this event. There are four transitions per round, so keeping them fast can be the difference between a mediocre effort and a top performance.

  • Rest must be controlled on the clock, not in your head!  Your head is a liar and it wants you to rest when you don’t need to. This isn’t a workout in which you’re likely to fail at an exercise. Trust yourself to get the work done.
  • Your rest must be specific, not arbitrary. During your warm-up (below), pick your starting pace, and include your rest/transition time between exercises. Stick to that pace until you genuinely need to increase the rest or risk crashing, and then make a specific change to your pace! Don’t just decide you need “more rest.” Decide how much more, like adding 1 second per transition, and take no more than that!

The walking lunge is the most important movement to perform unbroken. This is because of the very major increase in transition time, since the transition includes getting the bar from the ground to overhead, and there are more of these transitions than any other in the workout. Fortunately, I think that if it’s gamed right, the lunge can be used as a recovery movement, even while keeping your pace.

  • Keep the bar back, allowing your upper back to assist the shoulders in supporting the load. Keep the shoulders relaxed, scapulas naturally (not forcibly) depressed. This will put you in a good position to take deep, steady breaths. Even as you’re moving, focus on controlling your breathing, creating expansion of the diaphragm and ribcage. Done right, you will be surprised how recovered you feel coming off the lunge.
  • Keep your grip loose and relaxed. This will help to keep your shoulders, and the rest of your body, from getting too tense and interfering with your breathing patterns. It additionally helps to keep your grip from becoming unduly fatigued.

There are no major technical considerations for the bar facing burpee, except the decision to jump, step, or do a skip-up type movement. My recommendation is simply that you play with all variations in your warm-up, so that you know exactly how it will feel if you need to change mid workout.

Finally, the chest-to-bar pullup. Most intermediate athletes should be capable of performing these unbroken. At very most, break into two sets. Again, the crucial factor, if you decide to break it up, is to control your rest on the clock! Decide how long you’ll take between sets and stick to it!

Other Notes

As always, it is absolutely crucial that you closely and carefully review the standards. Have your judge go over the with you before the workout. Repeat them back to him or her, to ensure that there is absolutely no doubt in either of your minds about what is expected of you.

Similarly, carefully read and review the video submission standards, and adhere to them exactly. You don’t want to end up crushing the workout and then finding that your video won’t pass muster.

This workout takes up a lot of space and a lot of time. If you’re not the owner of your gym, and thus in a position to guarantee that you’ll have the time and space you need, I strongly recommend speaking with the owner/head coach at your facility ahead of time, and making sure to arrange that you can do the workout at a time and in a way to minimize the risk of someone waltzing through the frame eighteen minutes in.

Specific Warm-Up

1) 5 sets:
6-8 Overhead Walking Lunges
3-4 Bar Facing Burpees
3-4 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

Practice transitions between movements.

Lunge: Build from empty bar to working weight
Burpee: Practice your technique, including jump/step/skip, and turn into next rep

2) 2 Rounds:
25′ Overhead Walking Lunge, 95#/65#
8 Bar Facing Burpees
25′ Overhead Walking Lunge, 95#/65#
8 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

Rest 1 minute between rounds. Use this to determine your starting pace and transition times between exercises.

CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.1