Not quite what I wanted, but the best rock jump I could find.

Not quite what is described, but the best rock jump I could find. Incredible landscape though.

“It was an odd thing, the picture. The scene was some mountainous region…  A tall spire of rock stood against the sky, with a tablelike boulder balanced upon it like a hand calculator on the tip of a pen.  It was a wonder that it could do so.

Perhaps five meters away from the edge of the balanced boulder was a sharp precipice, a cliff slightly higher in elevation.  The ground under these rocky abutments was not within the frame, but it was at least twenty or thirty meters below, judging from the height of the leaping man.

And here was the crux of the picture.  In midair, halfway between the cliff and table rock, flew a man.  It was apparent from his posture that the man had jumped from the cliff toward the table rock.  The camera had been of sufficient quality to stop the man’s motion, so that he hung in the sky, slightly blurred, frozen forever in midleap.

The first time Pen had seen the picture, he had stared at it, struck by half a dozen questions: who was the man?  Why had he dared the deadly jump?  Had he made it?  If so, how would he get down?  Would the rock be unbalanced by the man’s landing, toppling from the spire?

He focused on the picture almost like a mandala, drawn into it.  If he knew why that man had taken it upon himself to jump from one rock to another, he was sure he could learn something of great importance.  He was sure of it.”

Steve Perry

Starting CrossFit should be like the photo of the man jumping from the cliff to the table-top rock described above–full of commitment.  CrossFit takes conviction.  It is hard, of this there is no argument.  Start with conviction.  Commit yourself to it.  Commit to 6 months.  Promise yourself that you will do at least 6 months of CrossFit.  Do not quit; no matter what the scale says, no matter if your hands hurt, no matter if you are scared or intimidated, no matter if you think you might get too big, or too small, no matter if it is hard, no matter if it is easy–don’t worry, it won’t be easy.

Train with conviction.  CrossFit is your time.  Be selfish.  Don’t let any outside thoughts intrude on your time, CrossFit time.  How often do you approach anything with the kind of courageous abandon that is described in the photo.  CrossFit demands that kind of commitment.

Embrace the Paleo diet.  Hey, it’s only for 6 months.   Remember that line from Fight Club about how much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?  Well, how much can you know about yourself if you can’t commit to something for 6 months.  All the time I hear from overweight people about how good their diet is.  It isn’t.  Sorry to be so frank, but that’s just they way it is. Commit to CrossFit.  Have conviction.

Even if you never set foot in a CrossFit box again( you won’t ever want to leave), train for 6 months. Train hard.  Train with conviction. Train with commitment.  Six months.  If you do, you will learn something of great importance.  I am sure of it.

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21, 15, 9

Deadlifts 225/155#

Handstand Pushups

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