The video above, while not of CrossFit,¬†perfectly illustrates the very important point of commitment. Not commitment in the sense of perseverance or discipline, showing up for class regularly and eating clean, but that so many movements in CrossFit demand total follow through. Watch the throws in the video. Each and every time, the thrower must commit every part of his being–body, mind, and spirit–to make that throw. There is no holding back, no testing the water with a toe, absolutely no hesitancy. No hesitancy. A snatch, a jerk, a muscle up, does not allow for any hesitancy. None. Total commitment. Not only does it take commitment to drop under a loaded barbell, but it takes commitment to continue the pull past what you thought possible. Every person’s first muscle up is a leap of faith, like jumping off a cliff, or throwing an unknown opponent. What really will happen? In truth, you cannot know. You have never been there before. You just have to completely commit yourself.

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