Competing? Things To Consider…


Cabrillo FootBall players, Steven and Lamar, work diligently at perfecting their Squat, laying a solid foundation for their continued development and athletic dominance.

This is a big weekend!  The Annual Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup, hosted by CrossFit 831 this year, is going off this Sunday!  While there will be many seasoned veteran athletes competing this weekend, there will also be many athletes competing for the very first time.  I know as it is getting closer, you may be getting a bit of that nervous energy about the competition.  It’s ok.  You’ll be fine.  Remember, the main objective is to HAVE FUN in what has consistently proven a great event that brings the local CrossFit community together in such a fun and positive way.

With that said, I offer just a few things to consider while planning for your competition this weekend that can help provide a better overall experience.

1),  Bring plenty of water.  There will likely be lots of easily accessible water available at the event, but it is not something that you want to depend on others to provide.  You want to make sure you have plenty of it on hand when you need and want it.  And that you actually use it!  As little as 2% dehydration can diminish your athletic performance by 20%.

2),  Bring your own food.  There will be several vendors where you can purchase food from, even “Paleo” stands where you can get your Warm Paleo Kitten Meat Pocket or “Steak on a Stake”, but you should always have your own food on hand in a cooler.  Preferably, foods you know that your body responds well to and that you like.  A balance of proteins, fats and carbs.  Along with bringing meats and macadamia nuts, I used to bake sweet potatoes and yams for our teams and coat them with a 50/50 mix of Ghee and Coconut Oil along with a bit of cinnamon to have as some post-wod carbs.  Whatever you bring, it should be prepared ahead of time and easily accessible.

3),  Bring a chair, a big towel or like method for you to actually sit or lay down between events to rest while at your basecamp.  As much as we all want to see all of our friends compete, we might need a bit of “down time” to recover before our next WOD.  A simple thing, a chair, yet when you don’t have one and you are competing in multiple events, you’ll quickly appreciate how awesome such a simple thing can be.  This goes for visitors too.  Bring your own chair if you plan to be there all day.  Competing athletes need to rest and chill out a bit between events so let’s not 86 their chairs.  🙂

4),  Bring some ice.  You might need it.  Parceled into small zip-lock baggies works best for multiple reasons.  For a post on ice, click HERE.

5),  Don’t take any new supplements or energy drinks that you’re not used too.  The day to try out new shit is not the day of a competition, whether it be a pre-workout supplement or a new pillow.  I’ve seen plenty of athletes over the years do things like “drank my first red-bull” or “well, I took 4 scoops instead of two”, always in an attempt to get a bit more “amped for the event”.  Most times it leads to throwing up a lot which, outside of being amusing, can really mess with not only your body but your head.  Don’t worry, you don’t need any extra pre-workout stuff.  Have your normal cup of coffee, 5-Hour Energy, FitAid or whatever you might normally do, along with plenty of water, but don’t try anything you’re not used to.  It likely won’t benefit you and could even diminish your performance.  Believe me, you’ll have plenty of adrenaline racing through your body from the competition alone.  Just stay hydrated, stay focused, stay relaxed, breath (no, really, do that too) and you’ll be fine.

When competing, you don’t want to stress about what you’re going to eat, who has an extra bottle of water, where you’re going to sit, or waisting time and energy tracking down such things when tired, hungry and thirsty.  Knowing that you have the essentials on hand will be less things you have to worry about and allow you to focus more on competing, being part of the CrossFit community (your box’s as well as the county’s), and on enjoying the entire experience that the Annual Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup provides.