Steve hustles on his farmers walk. Electra trails in the distance.

Electra picks up the pace and passes Steve.

It’s a contest between people, groups, and businesses; animals, species, nature.  It happens over territory, a niche, or a location of resources and it arises anytime two or more parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared.  It’s competition.

Competitiveness is identified by many philosophers and psychologists as an innate biological trait that exists in most living organisms, one that coexists with the need for survival.  In nature, to compete is to live.

Yet in our world, natural physical competition is often replaced by sport.  Because sport provides a venue with rules and thus safety, where in which a violation of rules is considered unfair, sport is able to provide artificial competition.  Therefore we replace raw, natural competition with, for example, team sport (ie: football), while sometimes we compete against nature (ie: kayaking).  And in CrossFit we compete against a clock, a barbell, the person next to us, ourselves.

Perhaps this is why many of us CrossFit.  While some come simply to exercise, breath hard, and sweat, others come to fight.   And at the end of your CrossFit battle, even when lying ruined in a pile of your own sweat, chalk, and sometimes blood, you can’t help but feel so alive.



Clean (full)



400m sprint repeats x4

Rest 2 min between sprints