There has to be a rebel in every group.

All of CrossFit West Santa Cruz heads to a competition Friday and Saturday. Yes, every member is in a competition with their old back squat numbers.  Friday is the final day of the current 9-week back squat program. It all culminates with a 1RM on Friday or Saturday, and hopefully those 9 weeks of hard work and heavy squatting result in a big new PR.

On Saturday, 2 teams from CF West head over the hill to CF Moxie for the Moxie Madness competition. It starts at 8:30, all the info is here, if you want to  check it out and cheer on our teams.

Good luck everyone. I can’t wait to see the big lifts.


Back Squat 1RM

Set new PR!


7 Rounds (not for time, but move through briskly)

5 Bench Press

3 Power Cleans

Use 80-85% of 1RM in each movement, with the lower percentage on the bench and the higher on the clean.