Competition is in the Air


9am rocked. Great work guys.


Today's 5pm was definitely Rachel's favorite class.

Sick of the paparazzi. New CF West member Mark D strikes a pose familiar to celebs the world over.

Sick of the paparazzi. New CF West member Mark D strikes a pose familiar to celebs the world over.

Sean and Chris return to CF West.  Great to you you back, guys.

Sean and Chris return to CF West. Great to you you back, guys.

In the spirit of the Games and the CrossFit community, CF West has opened its doors to any traveling CrossFitter, Games participant or not, who needs a place to train. Please give us a call, email, or just stop by.

As always, Monday is Jocelyn’s night to post and with the Games fast approaching “Competition is in the Air”.  This year’s Games are setting a new standard in excitement and suspense.  Jocelyn, of course, is on the front line.

Days until the CrossFit Games _5_. It’s written at the top of the white board with dry erase marker that has since dried out and become practically permanent. It has been written there for 61 days, ever since the NorCal Qualifier. Red smudges have stained the board beneath the number 5 from the constant daily update. It seemed like the number would never get this small. But there it is, right there in red ink; _5 _days.

Competition is in the air and excitement is stirring around the box; around the city; around the world really. There are 1300 affiliates world wide who are anticipating this year’s Games. The biggest topic seems to be taking a guess at what events the Games will hold. There is a mixture of excitement and fear about this stemming from a comment made in a lecture video by Coach Glassman about how the Games will involve things that most CrossFitters have never even done before. The beauty being that it is the exact essence of CrossFit: “be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.”

Athletes and spectators alike are already arriving here in California, setting up their motor homes and tents at the Ranch, checking into hotels, and visiting local CrossFit boxes. The Games have become a huge phenomenon and are expected to draw upwards of 2500 people. They are building bleachers, and have ordered thousands of dollars worth of equipment (check out the latest Journal article so see what is in store). Each day there seems to be a new video interview on the main site with the top competitors and Games officials discussing workout predictions, preparation strategies, etc. With Santa Cruz being the birth place of CrossFit and a city close to the Ranch, it seems like I run into someone from the CrossFit world every day. Yesterday I ran into Sevan (of Sevan and Carey; movie makers of Every Second Counts and Pulling John which will be shown Friday night at the Ranch) at Lulus cafe downtown while I was getting an ice tea on my way home from the beach. It’s pretty fun to live in a town where you can randomly run into CrossFit celebs. (I once ran into Kelly Starrett at Coffeetopia and was able to resist asking him to autograph my bra.) Anyway, Sevan asked the first question that everyone has been asking- have you started resting yet?

Have you started resting? It’s an interesting question really. One that has me thinking quite a bit. Especially considering I have been getting this question from so many people ever since the white board read: Days until the CrossFit Games _15_. It’s an interesting topic because there are so many different schools of thought when it comes to tapering for an event like the CrossFit Games. Some people suggest resting for many consecutive days- so many, in fact, that you are just “itching” to workout in order to increase your desire and intensity level for the big day. And there are others who believe in “use it or lose it,” suggesting that your fitness levels can start to decline after just 3 days. There are also specific ways to taper based on certain events ranging from marathons to weightlifting competitions. But when it comes to being prepared for the unknown and the unknowable, it seems to me like it would be very difficult to try and come up with an exact science pertaining to pre competition rest. So here’s my answer: I’m just listening to my body. And today I need rest.

With all of the buzz about the Games, and the affiliate team in place, I got to thinking about how proud I am at the growth of our community in such a short time. We have been so fortunate to have grown into such a unique, supportive culture here at CrossFit West. Our athletes are passionate and loyal to each other. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear discussion between people about how their Paleo diet is going, or how their training is coming. As someone who has always been part of a team sport, I recognize this as being very important “team” qualities and it adds to my excitement about the Games. We have put together a very competitive team that I have no doubt will represent us well at the Games. Not to mention we have incredible support as well. People at the box are already planning carpools to the Ranch and discussing cheering strategies.

Last night I watched Every Second Counts, the CrossFit documentary that follows a few of the top competitors from the 2008 Games. I love doing stuff like that. When I was a professional softball player approaching championship play, I used to sit up with my teammates and watch movies like A League of Their Own. It never failed to get us pumped for the big game. Now I get to sit up and watch movies like Every Second Counts in anticipation of the big day. And again, I am overcome with inspiration. I have memory flash backs to a time of sprinting hills by myself, working out in the corner of a globo gym doing functional movements like jumping lunges, front squats, and Olympic movements. Memories of being stared at and sometimes even ridiculed by the people around me. Even then I knew somehow this would serve a purpose in the long run. And then I remember the day I found CrossFit, or rather CrossFit found me. It was then I realized there were others like me and I joined them. And then I took off with it and got even better. And then I decided to reach for the Games and I made it. And then one day the white board read: Days Until the CrossFit Games _5_.

Suddenly everything that has led to this big event all seems to make sense and my new favorite quote has become clearly appropriate.

“Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim.”

“Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.” –Ovid

End note: This quote has inspired me ever since it was brought to my attention by CrossFit Wester and Latin teacher Leah Lutz. Very inspiring, and as a CrossFitter, a perfect quote to live by.

Anyone interested in carpooling to the Games?  Post to Comments.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz has special “I Love Joc” 2009 CrossFit Games t-shirts available.  We are selling them at cost, $10.  Please grab one and support CF West at the Games.


Bench Press

7 sets of 3 where the final 3 sets are 3RM


10 Rounds

3 Power Cleans 155/100#

5 Ring Dips

Post WOD and score to Comments.