Competition: It’s a Good Thing


Team CFWest at the Sactown Throwdown

CrossFit West had a team representing us at the Sactown Throwdown this weekend.  Drew, Austin, Andrea, and Anna had a great time, learned some things, and experienced some fabulous competition.

Austin and Anna

In the words of Anna-

Competition always helps you grow, both as an individual and as a team. It pushes me to my physical limits and helps me to establish a healthy sense of competition, knowing that other people are relying on each other since it is a team event. I have to learn to maintain my composure in both the positive and negative experiences and enjoy the moment.

And Drew-

I would say my favorite part was being around all the other CrossFitters. It’s always great to see old faces, meet new ones, and see them all at their best. I learned most that strength won’t mean much if it doesn’t translate. Form and intensity will build strength, but strength won’t help much in a mile run. Yeah, that was the worst part. Who runs anyways?!?

And Austin-

I really loved the environment as well. Having the whole crowd cheer me on while trying to do bw snatches, even though I had no chance of doing it was awesome. The same goes for the atlas stones. It was a struggle, but as people cheered, the adrenaline helped so much. One of my most vivid memories was during the last event on Saturday. Diablo CF was right next to us, and they finished in lightning speed, but before they rest, leave, stretch, whatever, they turn and cheer us on.  They didn’t know us, and they were spending what little energy they had left cheering us on.

Now is your chance to compete!  Every single person in the gym can compete in the CF Games Open.  Sign up here to join the West Santa Cruz team


Hang Power Clean + Clean 5×2


3 Rounds

400 m run

21 Box Jumps

10 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105#