A blank record board just waiting for killer times.

Let’s face it, if you do CrossFit, then you are probably at least a little competitive. And that’s a good thing. Competition drives us a little harder, pushes us a little further, makes us rest a little less, and provides a training goal. But, and this is a big one folks, we must never let our competitive nature trump our sportsmanship and camaraderie. Its good to compare your time or score to another’s, but, in the end the cliche is true, the only one you are competing against is yourself, and, of course, the stopwatch–the toughest piece of equipment in the gym.

The white board. Yes, the white board encourages competition. Having your score or time sitting right there with everyone else’s so anyone can see it is certainly a great motivator. But remember, the number next to your name is not your sum as a human being. Sometimes some of our athletes forget that and sportsmanship slacks a little.

And the record board. It is there to recognize great achievements and motivate you to surpass them. So, if someone beats your time, congratulate them and remember that, while, sure, they may have a certain body type or background more conducive to that WOD than you, maybe they just worked a little harder. No one, absolutely no one, got where they are in CrossFit without working hard, really hard.

Pushing through a really hard WOD (that would be just about every one) builds character. It’s one of the great things about CrossFit. Just don’t let your competitive spirit override that character.

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Congratulations to Arnold and Jeff on big clean PRs today. Great work, guys.


5 Rounds (take a good 5 minutes rest between rounds)

Bodyweight Bench Press for Max Reps

Pullup for Max Reps

Your score is your total number of reps for all 5 rounds added together.

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Reminder: the UCSC CrossFit Club for tomorrow, Friday the 31st, is canceled.