Jocelyn and her boys. 


Jocelyn and her boys.

Rachel and her boys (nothing to worry about, Jesse).

Rachel and her boys (nothing to worry about, Jesse, just a figure of speech).

Some big boys lifting big.  Golden, 235# Overhead Squat.  And Garth (below) triples it.

Some big boys lifting big. Golden, 235# Overhead Squat. And Garth (below) triples it.



Athletes tend to be kind of lazy.  Hell, humans tend to be kind of lazy.  You probably tend to be kind of lazy (I am). Now, don’t get all ruffled or sore, let me explain what I mean.

I am not talking about lying on the couch in dirty undergarments eating chips, would like to change the channel but the remote is a foot out of your reach kind of lazy.  I am talking about CrossFit lazy.  CrossFit lazy???Sounds like an oxymoron, right?  

Do a squat.  Go ahead, right now, just a simple air squat.  Depending on how long you have been CrossFitting, you’d be the Sultan of Brunei if you had a nickel for every squat you’ve done. So I bet that you’ve probably got a pretty good squat by now.  

But, did you pull your chest up as much as you could?  Really pull it up?  Were your knees pushing out, really driving out from the hips?  Probably not.  Not for just 1 simple air squat.  And that right there is what I mean by laziness.

All the time I get athletes using the same weight on a movement that they used last week.  Never! Bump it up a little.  Ten pounds.  Five pounds even.  Never get complacent on a movement.  Always push yourself a little more.  As we like to say at CF West, be a little better everyday. 

Years ago, Amundson and I used to powerlift using the 5×5 system.  One of our lifting partners, Big Matt, had a saying–“Science, not testosterone.”  He eschewed big jumps, but rather focused on small incremental jumps in weight every lifting session.  If he got 435# for 5 reps on the 4th set, the next time he deadlifted, he would go to 440 or 445# on the 4th set, with all the other sets being the same.  His method was always a bit too methodical for me, but he always felt like he was making progress as everyday he lifted more weight than the previous day.  And it certainly worked for him.  His numbers in just about every lift were bigger than both Greg’s and mine.  I like to tell that story to my athletes because it illustrates a lifter who never got complacent about his training.  He always tried to push his limits, everyday, albeit in small ways.

We all get a little lazy, a little complacent in our training.  That is one of the good reasons for training with a good coach at an affiliate.  It helps a lot to have someone in your ear helping keep that laziness at bay.  A good coach should always be pushing for higher elbows or less back inclination or a higher chest or more tension.  

A good coach should never let him or herself get lazy in their coaching either.  A good coach should always notice if a back needs to be straighter or elbows need to be higher or if tension isn’t being created. And not just notice, but force the athlete to address it as well.

How are you lazy or complacent in your training?  Not training your weaknesses?  Please post to Comments.

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3 Rounds 

5 Thrusters 155/100#

7 Pullups C2B

9 Box Jumps 24″


Max Reps of the Back Squat in 2 1/2 minutes.   Use the same weight as was used for the thrusters.  If the bar is racked or dumped, then no more squats can be completed.

Post WOD and score to Comments.