Concerted Effort


There were a lot of CFWSC women that did RX’d Bar Dips during Tuesday’s WOD, including Angela G, Aimee S, Kaitie K, Alicia P (Left), and Joanna M (Center), and several more who stayed to work on them after class, such as Bleriana M-B, (Right). Dips in general, whether Ring or Bar, seem to be a difficult movement for most women new to CrossFit, but with a little focus work 5-7 minutes at the end of class a few times a week, they can quickly become a very doable reality. Many of the women who were able to do the Bar Dips RX’d, struggled with them in the beginning, though each I have personally witnessed working on their Dips several times a week after class until they got them. Just as they were able to do them RX’d on Tuesday, so will Bleriana and so will you. It just takes a little concerted effort. If you want Dips, you will get Dips.


Open Wod 13.1


Weighted Dip 2-2-2-2-2

Then, a Partner WOD;

Teams of 2: (one partner working at a time)

4 min max 100m Runs

Rest 1 min

4 min max T2B

Rest 1 min

4 min max WallBall

Rest 1 min

4 min max Calories on Rower / Airdyne