Congrats Slugs!

Congratulations to CrossFitters Amy Knight and Gilly McGraw who won the Women’s A California Beach Volleyball tournament at Playa Del Rey on March 15th earning their first ever AA rating!  Amy is a member of the UCSC Women’s Volleyball team and her beach partner, Gilly is a UCSC Women’s Volleyball alumni.

amy-hit.JPG   Left: Amy Pounding.  Right: Gilly Smashing.  gilly-hit.JPG

Congratulations also to Jen Meyers (UCSC Women’s Volleyball team member and CrossFitter) who placed 3rd in the tournament earning her A rating!

Congrats to Tina Damasco (future CrossFitter) and Selene Teitelbaum (CrossFit West Santa Cruz co-owner) for finishing 1st in the AAA division at Playa Del Rey earning their AAA rating. 

me-hitting.JPG  tina-passing.JPG  selene-save.JPG  partners-2.JPG

Pictured above: Selene hitting, Tina passing, Selene making a save, Selene and Tina huddled together in the wind waiting to play in the finals.

You can check out the results and stay updated on the CBVA tournaments, results and rankings at!

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