Congratulations Jason!

Jason shows off his gold medal, and some CrossFit abs.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz athlete Jason Herr recently took part in the World Police and Fire Games in New York City. He competed in the push/pull division (bench and deadlift), 181 pound class. He deadlifted 455# and bench pressed 355# which won him gold. Congratulations Jason. We are really proud of you.

The World Police and Fire Games take place every 2 years at different venues around the world, with a large international roster. Jason said that these Games were especially poignant as they took place around the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

Don’t forget to watch part 2 of the CrossFit Games on ESPN 2 starting at 5pm. The Parrish Pub in the Almar Shopping Center (next to the Safeway on the westside) will be showing the Games on one of their screens starting at 5. See you there.


7 Rounds (not for time)

5 Bench Press

3 Power Cleans


Prowler Sprints 180#

5x 5-10-15yd shuttle run