Congratulations Leah!

Leah's big smile masks some nervousness before her first lift.

Leah’s big smile masks some nervousness before her first lift…

...but she nails it.

…but she nails it.

If you don’t know Leah Lutz, you should. She is a true inspiration. A lot of her inspirationality (just made that up!) comes from her kindness and friendliness, her loyalty and supportive nature, her humor and character, but as truly important as those traits are, that’s not what was inspirational about her today, on Sunday.

First in her class in open and sub masters.

First in her class in open and sub masters.


Leah competed in her first powerlifting meet. Yeah, she brought home some shiny medals and set a couple state records (total and squat) and even an American record (squat) in her division. Pretty fricken awesome. But the part that really made me sit back and give a low whistle of amazement was the fact that Leah competed in the 165 pound class. You see, that is exactly 100 pounds less than what Leah weighed when she first walked through the doors of CrossFit West nearly four years ago. One hundred pounds!


As much as we would like it, there isn’t a magic pill that lets one lose 100 pounds. It takes hard work and discipline, and a boatload of each. Through her hard work and discipline, Leah has completely reinvented herself. The terrifying decision to join CrossFit West has given birth to a new Leah. Sure, she still teaches Latin and drives the same car and gives Cliff a hard time, but the Leah of today, by just about any physical marker you could bring up, both internal and external, is a different person. Healthier, fitter, better.


Along the way to 165 pounds and a national record, there were other events that Leah never could have imagined four years ago. A dead hang pullup was pretty high on that list, but each peak just gives way to another, higher, one, and today’s Leah  views the world through eyes that see potential rather than barriers.

Congratulations Leah! We love you.





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