Congratulations Zack!

CrossFit West Santa Cruz member Zack Sanborn recently successfully defended his doctoral thesis at UCSC. Zack is currently mapping the cancer genome, work that could have incredible consequences for millions of cancer victims. Below is an excerpt from an email he sent me describing his defense.

Hey Sam!

Attached are some photos that my wife took of me during my defense. About 90 people were there, completely filling the room and part of the hallway outside.

One photo was taken at the beginning of my talk, the other is an “action shot” of me using a laser pointer. Well, it’s about as “actiony” as it gets in one of these nerdy talks (I decided against trying to clean & jerk the podium).

BTW, to keep my hand from shaking while pointing with the laser pointer, I asked myself: “What would Sam do?” So, I kept my core tight, and then held the laser pointer as if I were pointing it directly into Cliff’s eye. Worked like a charm.

Excellent imagery Zack.

Congratulations Dr Sanborn. We are very proud of your accomplishment and happy to have you as part of the CFWSC community.


Front Squat

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On The Minute for 14 Minutes

Odd Rounds: 2 Rope Climbs

Even Rounds: 15 Wallball 20/14#