I first started CrossFit with Coach Glassman way back in the early days at Claudio Franca’s Jujutsu Academy where I trained with Garth Taylor and Claudio. Due to an injury, I stopped training jujutsu and thus Crossfit. Not long after, I was working with Lloyd Lewis, one of the early CrossFit practitioners, and my interest was rekindled, although my lingering injury prevented me from restarting CrossFit. Soon, I moved houses and my new housemate, Sam Paschel, was one of the earliest CrossFit studs and he would smoke me in workouts in our backyard. But I still didn’t return to CrossFit. However, I made the very fateful remark to my buddy Greg Amundson that he might like CrossFit. Well, the rest is history there.

Several years later, Greg convinced me to return to CrossFit and I started training with him and others at the old HQ. Had CrossFit ever grown. There were still a couple faces from the old days, like Eva T and Jason H, but not many. Thankfully, Coach and Lauren were still there. However, they moved to Arizona and a year later the old HQ exploded into 4 Crossfit gyms (CrossFits Santa Cruz, West, North, and Central).

The Crossfit connections are strong. Amundson and his wife own CrossFit Santa Cruz. Paschel will hopefully be opening the first affiliate in Vermont soon. Eva T is part owner of Santa Cruz Central and Highbarger is a trainer at North Santa Cruz. Taylor and I recently opened a martial arts school together and Lewis’ brother Ryan, a 2 time world powerlifting champion, is bringing CrossFit to Sacramento.

With CrossFit West Santa Cruz’s move to Gold’s Gym another circle has been made whole. Gold’s Gym Santa Cruz is the Gold’s Gym (albeit different owners) that Coach Glassman was forced to leave many years ago. One of our trainers, Ed Evans, was present and worked with Coach at that time, well over a decade ago. Its a mighty big world, but CrossFit seems like a small town sometimes. And now, everyday, new connections are being made. Connections that will hopefully mesh and last and work the same magic in their way as those I mention above. It’s one of the very best things about being part of the CrossFit community.

How did you come to CrossFit? Who or what was your introduction to CrossFit?


3 Rounds

3 Deadlifts 85% 1RM

6 Thrusters 155/95#

9 Ring Pushups

Congratulations to Jason Nee on his first bar muscle ups. His pullups were so high that the bar was hitting his stomach. Next up, the rings. No problem.