Cookie Cheater


Yep, I cheated. It feels better to admit it, even though I’ll be doing burpees all day tomorrow. One of my closest friends is out of town and his mother is watching his puppy, or maybe I should just call it a wriggly little bundle of non-stop energy. My friend’s mother asked me to take the furry little monster for a bike ride to wear it out a bit and later that day I came home to find a box of perfect homemade tollhouse cookies on my doorstep. I’m not proud of it, but three of those chocolatey suckers were gone in as many minutes. And there they sat on my kitchen counter, preying on my mind. I had another later that day before I could unload the box on a friend who thinks sugar, gluten, and chocolate are the three basic food groups.

Have you cheated on the sugar detox? What was your weakness?

Reminder: due to Martin Luther King Day, the only evening class on Monday is the 5:30 class. The morning classes will be as usual.