A Cool Place To Hang

caption id=”attachment_16155″ align=”alignnone” width=”576″] CFW_HangingOut Some of the CrossFit West community as they see how long they can hang from the bar during part of Tuesdays grip-work. Clockwise from top left: Chris S works the charm and makes it look easy (by “it”, do I mean the charm or the hang?); Molly S, determined to not let her injury stop her, gets it done with only one arm; Cody R “steps his game up” and hangs from the fat bar like a boss; Precious lil Miss McConnell shows us all that you’re never too young to have a 100% legit chin-above-bar dead-hang L-Sit pull-up from full extension; JP shows us his game-face (don’t make him laugh!); Jeff N, JP and K Weezy (Pssst; his name is actually “Kyle”, everybody, but WOD-Together says different) wait for each other to drop as they are determined not to be the first; Zach S, being the scientist that he is, strategically chooses an area with the most motivation and finds the best spot in the gym to hang as he’s surrounded by beautiful CrossFit girls.  Yup; CrossFit is a pretty cool place to hang.[/caption