Coordination and Agility

Agility and coordination training is not one of CrossFit’s strongest aspects.  Sure, if you are really deconditioned then CrossFit training will help you get more agile and coordinated, but for the most part the attributes are not given much focus. There are a few reason for this.

A lot of CrossFit trainers just simply don’t have the knowledge to really develop agility and coordination in their members because they don’t have the background and that knowledge is not readily available in the CrossFit world in the same way that weightlifting knowledge is.  Agility and coordination drills do not have the largest bang for your buck quotient.  What I mean is that they are highly athletic in nature versus strength and endurance training and kind of specialized.  You just don’t feel the benefits in the same way you do increased strength, for example.

But, this doesn’t mean that increased coordination and agility isn’t very valuable.  Of course it is. Take a look at the great video below for a bunch of coordination and agility drills that take very little equipment (it starts a little slow, but really picks up about a minute in, and a quick word of warning, unless you like bad Euro techno music, turn off the sound).

Maybe June should be coordination and agility month.

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Rest Day

ANNOUNCEMENT: CrossFit West will be closed this weekend, June 5th and 6th.  Also, there will be no 5PM Friday night class on the 4th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.