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Johnny V fights for one more rep.

Core=a basic, essential, or enduring part.

There are a lot of fancy core exercises out there. From the venerable situp to static planks to one legged physio-ball curls to all sorts of gimmicky ab exercisers from late night TV. Too often we can get sidetracked by the allure of core training and we forget that the very best core exercises are exactly that–the core exercises.

The core exercises are deadlifts, squats, presses and jerks, cleans and pulls, and that’s about it (we are just talking lifts here). Everything else is secondary, basically assistance movements. The beauty of these movements is that they work the core tremendously. Shoot to make these core movements as strong as possible and your core will be plenty strong.

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Your moment of kettlebell might. The bells: yellow-35#, green (back) - 53#, red (neck) -70#.


Front Squat

Set new PR.


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