CrossFit and Firefighters



Steve, San Jose Fire, and Andy, UCSC Fire, warming up for Fran.

If there is one profession for which CrossFit seems truly tailor made, it is firefighting. Fitness is truly life or death for very few people (well actually, I guess it is for all of us in the end), but firefighters depend on their, and their work mates’ fitness in a way most of us don’t. The constantly varied, whole body, functional movements espoused by CrossFit, coupled with the intensity demanded by CrossFit, comes closer to mimicking the demands of firefighting than any other fitness methodology. The national Combat Challenge (called the toughest 2 minutes in sports by ESPN) champion two years running crossfits, but we are most proud that regular firefighters across the nation turn to CrossFit to give them the fitness to save lives–theirs and ours. And we are very happy that many of them call CFWSC home.

Vote! Vote! Vote! When America was founded, its democracy was a crazy experiment that was virtually unprecedented.  Over two centuries later, we are the heirs to the courage and wisdom of our nation’s fathers.  Don’t fail them–vote.


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 275/155#

10 GHD Situps

5 Handstand Pushups

15 Pullups

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