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Today’s post is written by my cousin Jason, who CrossFits in Seattle.  A former standout collegiate swimmer and water polo player at UW, he has been training for a couple months now, and, in a familiar story, is loving it and the results.  He send me this email today and I thought it worthy of posting.  Each reader will take a different refrain from his writing, but what I liked most was his realization that a substandard workout could affect his training for the rest of the week if he let it and how he shrugged off that feeling.

It was one of those mornings. My back was tired from yard work the day before, I had slept like crap, and my body was still sore from Monday’s Inverse Fran (yeah, two rounds 21-15-9, an 800M run and then back up with a 9-15-21). I barely got up in time after lying in bed, debating whether or not to go. Somehow I won the snooze battle with my own self and dragged my butt out of bed, kissed the wife good-bye, and headed on out the door. I hopped in the car, barreled on down the road, and walked in for the 6am WOD. It was me, the trainer Amanda, and one other girl. The whole time since my alarm went off, all I could think about was that Wednesday was going to be a repeat of Monday, and that meant another bad workout for me. Crap.

See, Monday was really tough on me and I was frustrated during the workout and really bummed afterwards. The Inverse Fran took me 28+ minutes and was hell for me.  Anytime we do squats it’s really tough on me and for me. My knees don’t like it and my swimmer-bird-legs can’t handle them, especially doing them with power and speed. Amanda asked me afterwards if anything was wrong or if I was hurt, and while I appreciated her asking, it made my mood sour even more because it meant she was thinking “oh geez, he’s really slow today!”

Back to today’s workout. You can see that Monday’s WOD was still with me, like a bad hangover. While I was stretching, I just kept telling myself to think that no matter what the workout ahead of me was going to be, just be glad I made it to the box and that would be good enough. As I start the warm up, I see Amanda writing the word “Tabata” on the board and just like that, my mood changed. My mind geared up for the rush of 20 on 10 off, and I immediately convinced myself that I didn’t need to rely on just getting through the workout. I could actually kick some ass today. And, with just the two of us, there wouldn’t be any chance to shy away from a round because Amanda would be focused on just two people, able to encourage us and kick our asses. Extra motivation to really charge it. Two minutes later, we were off to the races.

Tabata Couplet–Pull-ups and Push-ups (alternating back and forth – 8 full rounds)

60 seconds Rest

Tabata Air Squats (8 rounds)

60 seconds Rest

Tabata Couplet–Row for calories and Sit-ups (alternating back and forth – 8 full rounds)

By the 7th round of the push-ups, I couldn’t do more than 6 and was shaking on the 4th push-up each time. On the 4th round of air squats I had to rest 2 seconds after just 7-8 squats and then continue because the burn was so bad. On the sit-ups, I threw my hands forward hoping each time that the momentum would carry me up without having to use my stomach at all (no luck, but I did wish it each time). It all was so hard, but being able to mentally check off each round and try to maintain or beat the previous round’s rep number really helped push me. After the last sit up, I mumbled my number of reps, collapsed onto the hard rubber floor and just panted like a dog after a long hot run. I felt great and was so glad that I didn’t just make it through the workout, but really put all of me into the workout and didn’t have one drop of energy left inside. But, that wasn’t even the best part.

The best part, after peeling myself up off the floor and finding a complete sweat angel, was knowing I had gotten myself up and out of bed and into the box, knowing very well that I could have had a day like Monday, but that I still went anyway.

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Congratulations to Desmond on his monster 55″ box jump today.  That, I believe, is the new CF West record.

We have enough request for a hoodie order.  It looks like the way to go is zip ups with the new logo.  I will get some price quotes and let everyone know.

Workout (courtesy of the main site):

Find your max height box jump.



Five rounds 
12 Deadlifts 
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerks

Guys use 155 pounds.  Dolls use 100.

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