CrossFit Football

John Welbourn, Raphael Ruiz, and crew were at CFWSC this weekend teaching the CF Football cert. I think the name confuses a lot of people.  “CrossFit Football?  Huh? You learn how to play football? Why would I want to do that?” Not even close. The CFFB cert is possibly the most in-depth, well-rounded, information packed, and physically challenging CrossFit certification out there.

One thing I like the most about CFFB is its adherence to the principle of Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID). SAID states that you will get better at what you regularly do, that you will adapt to the demands placed upon yourself. In other words, if you want a certain skill or ability or physical attribute (strength, speed, endurance, etc), you need to train for it. You can’t do one thing and expect something else to come from it.  If you are a surfer looking for greater lower body explosivity, trunk strength, and rotational power for faster, sharper, and more explosive turns and kickbacks, 800m repeats just ain’t gonna cut it.

John, Raph, Ben, and Kate–thank you for coming and sharing so much.


Back Squat 7×3

Add 5 pounds to your last 7×3 weight.


500m Row


Power Clean 185#

Handstand Pushups

500m Row