CrossFit Is For Everyone


Chris AKA “Buffzilla” is making easy work of the 250 double unders that were in Monday’s workout.

A lot of times when talking to someone about giving CrossFit a try I get the, “Oh there’s no way I can do that. I am way too out of shape.” kind of response. As frustrating as this is to hear I understand where they are coming from.

Now that CrossFit is becoming more popular it can be seen more to the public than ever before. For two years in a row now on ESPN 2, the CrossFit Games have been shown on tv for millions of people to watch. You can type in CrossFit to YouTube and find thousands of videos of people doing CrossFit. There are even CrossFit commercials now. I love that what we do is getting more exposure through the media but unfortunately a lot of what is seen is the best of the best or the elite level CrossFitters doing what we do. So it’s of no wonder that people sometimes get intimidated. It would be like me watching the Olympics and then someone coming up to me and saying “Hey you should try this new thing I’m doing called OlympicFit.” I’m sure it would be safe to say there would be no way I could do that. The athletes that compete in the Olympics are the best in the world just like the athletes that compete in the CrossFit Games are the best in the world.

CrossFit is just a training methodology. There is no prerequisite or a level of fitness that one has to have before they can start. The beauty of it is every single workout can be scaled down to whatever level you are at. As long as you are doing constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity you are doing CrossFit. And as long as you’re doing that you will look better and feel better than you ever have before.


Super-set Deadlift 5×3 @75% of 1RM

Hang Power Clean 5×1 @75-80% of 1RM


TABATA 8 minutes (alternating)

Hang Power Clean 115/75

ABB Mat Sit ups