CrossFit – It’s Good For The Brain

Another Endurance Class in the books. Sorry 4:30p I forgot to get a picture but you guys were just as awesome. How have the classes been going? I think Marie's face sums it up nicely.

We all know CrossFit is great if you want to look good rocking that new bikini or that snazzy new speedo. But did you know it is also good for an area of our body that may seem less attractive but is actually much more important than anything you can show off at the beach, the grey matter of the central nervous system.
Unfortunately anatomical changes of the brain are muted without continual practice. So if you make a habit of missing your workouts, your brain won’t experience much benefit – and neither will your beach bod! Consistency is the key.
Since brain functions change as we age, the stakes are even higher if you are older than thirty. At this age, aka the prime of life, ( I just turned thirty last december :)) you have passed the peak of brain function and need to take deliberate and sustained action to prevent deterioration in fine motor skills. Check out Stephen Jepson. He seems to be doing a pretty good job with this.Now I know it’s not practical to  devote your entire existence to “play” but if we spent a fraction of the amount of time he does to learning new things our brains will be very happy for our effort.
So the next time your trying to motivate yourself to pick up the jump rope in hopes to learn those pesky double-unders, remember not only will they help you get a RX by your name but they’re also good for the brain. Practicing them can seem demoralizing beyond description but think of all the grey matter piling up between your ears!

It only took about two hours but the record board has been finally updated! There were a lot of impressive numbers. Time to set some new PR's!

Bench Press
3 Rounds
25 Push Press (75/45)
50 Double Unders
Then 400m Run