CrossFit People

Visiting CFLG trainer Billy B nails this 235# snatch at a bodyweight of 160#.

Today was a perfect illustration of one of the reasons I like the CrossFit world so much.  The people.  Sure, in any organization the size of CrossFit there are bound to be a few people that are not the easiest to like, but most are pretty good folk.

The day started with a visitor from a local CF box, just checking out a class and training with an old friend, one of our members.  She was a hard charger, strong with good technique.  She served to remind me of the fittingly high quality of CF in Santa Cruz, the homeland of CrossFit.

Later, CF Los Gatos weightlifting badass Billy B was in town and stopped by for a little O-lifting at lunchtime.  He worked up to 240 (his PR) in the snatch, missed 245 about 6 times, dropped back down to 230 for a couple reps, and was loading up the bar for squats when I left for lunch, having gotten a good workout just from watching.

I was half stretching two thirds lounging on the big gymnastic mat before the evening class when CF Santa Cruz owner Hollis M and my old friend Deitrich, a CFSC trainer, walked in.  We bounced slam balls, talked shop, shot the shit, and kidded Deitrich about marriage (Hollis is engaged, I walked the plank last year, and Deitrich is under the gun at home), while Joc sprinted a client up and down the turf with sandbags.

The CrossFit world, CrossFit people. Good times.


Power Clean

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


21, 15, 9

Back Squat @ bodyweight

Kettlebell Swing 53/35#