CrossFit People




By Jocelyn


You know?  I just love us.  CrossFiters.  We are just good people.  Nice to be around.  Trust worthy.  Friendly.  Supportive.  Full of integrity.  It’s great. 


Today Leah stopped by on her way to Costco just to say hi.  I hadn’t seen her in two weeks since I left for my softball trip to Greece (more about how CrossFit prepared me for that later).  It was great to see her.  She looked fantastic and full of energy.   We talked for quite a while about lots of stuff- everything from site seeing in Athens to free blood panels from Longs.  I thrilled me that she stopped in for no particular reason other than to visit for a bit.


Sam’s cousin from Seattle, Jason, came to grab a workout.  He works out at CrossFit Northwest, home of this years affiliate cup team winners.  It turned out he happened to know quite a bit about college softball and particularly about University of Washington softball.  It was a small world moment, one that I enjoyed. 


During the evening class I hung around to take care of some duties at the box (specifically dish duty- apparently CrossFit translates into just about everything in life except for getting Cliff to do dishes) and Chris Carlson was lingering after finishing the 5PM class.  He just wanted to do some extra work: ball slams and GHD sit ups.  And towards the end of the 6PM class WOD he stopped what he was doing to cheer on Wesley, who was fighting her way to the finish line.


Later in the evening Marshal popped his head in the door on his way home from picking up his daughter from the Gymnastics center.  Marshal works out at CrossFit Central and we’ve run into each other periodically around town and at the box.  We were both excited about the upcoming local affiliate cup that the CrossFit gyms are putting on in early September.  I loved that a fellow CrossFiter from across town came in just for a chat. 


Stuff like this happens all day long around here.  It’s one of the many reasons I love my job so much.  CrossFit has a way of attracting the most genuine, dedicated, good willed people, among many other amazing characteristics.  And that is a special thing to be a part of. 




Find 1RM Snatch




“Two Minute Defense”


10 rounds each with partner (alternating)

1 Power Clean (135/95)

3 Hang Squat Clean (135/95)

2 Jerks (135/95)

30m Sprint


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