CrossFit Pyramid part I

CrossFit Pyramid Part I of V

by Kayla AKA Karinvore Kayla


The CrossFit pyramid of fitness, let us take a look shall we?

We have nutrition as the base, metabolic conditioning is second above that, followed by

gymnastics, then by weightlifting, and lastly we have sport on the top. I would like to go

through these one by one and evaluate the importance beginning with the base.

Nutrition. Like my old favorite saying, “you can’t out-exercise a s*** diet”. (Note: I did in

fact edit that quote myself by subbing the word “s***” for “bad” because I don’t think

“bad” justifies how s***ty diets can be.) Without the base, the entire pyramid would

suffer, as would being deficient at any other level of the pyramid. You get to make

choices at multiple times a day, so set yourself up for success! Rule #1: Chances of

making a poor food decision while hungry/hangry (hane-gree: adj. When you are so

hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both) are

extremely high. Be prepared! Aka prep food, have leftovers, carry snacks. *Side note*

being the guy that carries snacks on him at all times is more likely to have more friends.

Rule #2: Planning cheat days is like planning for failure. What you think it sounds like:

“I’ve worked so hard for the last 5 days, I deserve a day where I can eat whatever I

want, and I don’t care how I feel after, it will all have been worth it!” What it actually

sounds like: “Maintaining this healthy lifestyle is far too difficult and I will treat myself to a

day where I can eat whatever I want and then I’ll probably regret it and then get back on

the healthy bandwagon the next day.” I am a firm believer in “treatin’ yoself” however,

you are not a dog. You don’t roll over and then earn a treat. Life will create plenty of

delicious opportunities for you to be able to earn those treats, but the point is, don’t plan

your cheat days. Rule #3: You are not Josh Bridges. I use him as an example because

recently I saw a video of him saying he has cookies almost every night. Yes, that is

plural, and yes, almost every night. That sounds like an elite CrossFitter seeming more

human by stating he does in fact eat cookies and the average, everyday CrossFitter

believing that “Hey! Josh Bridges does it and he’s fit as a buffalo, so I probably can too!”

I have fallen into this trap myself, but it was bacon. A POUND of bacon a day. Because

my favorite elite CrossFitter at the time said she would eat a POUND a day. Long story

short, after a few weeks, I started turning into a pig. True story. Rule #4: Eat meats and

vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Plain and simple, yet

damn tasty. Dialing in your diet will indeed improve performance, assist in speedy

recovery, and shape overall wellness. (I say “diet” meaning “food lifestyle”, not of

weightloss, or tryna look good.) Rule #5: If portion control is the biggest issue, then

weigh and measure your meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, and little

starch. Here is one for $20 on amazon.