CrossFit Sectionals

CrossFit will announce the CrossFit Sectional workout each Tuesday for the next six weeks starting tomorrow.  Lot’s of you have already signed up for the team and we want to encourage many more to continue signing up.  There’s no limit as to who can sign up.  Anyone can help earn points for CF West.  Regardless of your level you can join in the fun and help earn points to send a CF West team to the Games. Click HERE.

Frst register as an athlete, then click on Athletes & Teams, click Find Teams, and then search for CrossFit West Santa Cruz, and then click Join Team.

Stay tuned and keep checking the CF West website as we will be announcing the format of the sectional workouts here in the gym shortly.



Heavy single

3 Rounds

60 Yard Prowler Trip

10 C2B Pull Ups

12 Box Jumps (20)

Rest 1 min

*score is combined time for each round, not including the rest