CrossFit West In the News

Rich exults after beating me by 8 seconds in today's WOD. No doubt his rep count was a little hinky.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz coach Jason Highbarger is featured in a new article on the CrossFit Community page very appropriately titled Learning From the Best. Jason is the oldest coach in CrossFit, outside of the Glassmans, and he has always carried the flame of CrossFit high, both in his word and deed and in his heart. It is gratifying, especially for those of us who trained with him nearly a decade ago, to see him recognized by the community in this way.

Alvin Ilarina, aka Master Snoop Lion, is also featured in an article on how CrossFit has helped and influenced his competitive shooting. Alvin ranks in the top hundred competitive shooters in the world and credits his training at CrossFit West as a turning point in his shooting.

Check them out.


OTM for 10 minutes

2 Front Squats @ 60-65% 1RM.

Focus on speed out of the hole.


AMRAP in 4 minutes

5 Deadlifts @ (185/130)

7 T2B

9 Burpees

Rest 2 Minutes and repeat