CrossFit West Santa Cruz is introducing a revolutionary new fitness class, BikeFit.

Viva la revolucion!


Sled pulls.

Waiter, rides.

Ring dips.

Box jumps.

Rope climbs.



Find 2RM


7 Rounds

7 Thrusters 105/70#

30 yd Sled Pull Run 45/25#

This new year of twenty twelve has already seen some momentous deaths, of world leaders great and not-so-great. However, the passing of the legendary Etta James early Friday morning is for me the saddest of them all. Although she certainly lived life to the fullest, in a manner few others have (and most would not want to), her passing seems to set the stage for a time in the near future when none of the great cultural figures of post war America will be with us. Just as we lost a crucial understanding and link with that terror of modernity, World War One, when the last veterans passed away in recent years, so will the deaths of icons such as Etta rob us of a real connection to an earlier time. A time which seems far more distant than its chronological half-century.