Dan Bailey vs. “Diane”

Dan Bailey crushed “Diane” this past weekend during the Central East regional, completing the workout in a world record time of 1:35.  That is crazy fast, no doubt.  But was it legit?  Do you feel like the workout was to standard, or do you feel the judge was pretty dang lenient?  I’ll leave that debate for the comments section.

On another note, Pat Barber had an emergency appendectomy on Monday.  Unfortunately for him (but good for the rest of the field), he will not be able to compete at regionals.  Though there are still a ton of superstars in NorCal to watch, it is disappointing we will not be able to see him this year.  Best of luck to Pat and his recovery.  You know he will be back with a vengeance for the 2013 Games.



Press 1RM

Row Sprints 5x350m—500m averages must be within 5 seconds of best 500m time

Finisher: 8rd Tabata Hand Release Pushups (record lowest score)