Clinton pulls 410# for a PR. Congratulations!

The Greek gods are not heroic.  No matter the exploits of those who dwelt (dwell?) on Olympus, they are not courageous or brave or daring.  They could never be true heroes. You see, the Greek gods are immortal and invincible.  When there is no alternative, the outcome doesn’t mean much.

It is precisely the ease with which we could be sick and unhealthy and overweight and not fit that makes being healthy and fit so joyful.  If there was no possibility of the alternative, like with the Greek gods, then there wouldn’t really be any importance attached to health and fitness. But there is a huge possibility of the alternative.  Our modern ways of life are filled with pitfalls for those who don’t care about their health (ignorance is kind of hard to claim these days).

This means that you can be heroic and courageous and daring.  Dare to be fit.  Dare to be healthy.  Dare to find out what you, yes you, no matter your age or background, can achieve.  There is such joy in being able to use your body–to move, jump, run, dance, climb, lift, stretch.  Sometimes there is a feeling that to take joy in your physical ability is to be prideful.  Nonsense.  Is it prideful to enjoy your ability to read a good book or to do crossword puzzles?  Sure, if you kiss your ‘guns’ two inches from the mirror and strut around wearing your sister’s shirt, then yeah, that’s too much.  But remember folks, you are animal and it is totally natural for us to move.

Go ahead, dare to be fit.  Yep, it may be a battle and battles are rarely easy,but no one said being a hero was for the faint of heart.  We aren’t Greek gods.  Dare to be courageous, defy danger the way they never could. Tomorrow meant nothing to those gods.  For us, it is everything. Dare to be a little better everyday.

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7 Rounds

40 yard Sprint (go all out and rest 1 minute between sprints)


5 Rounds

5 Front Squats 185/125#

5 Push Jerks 165/110#

5 Broad Jumps 6′