Dave is that CrossFiter who can always make you laugh.  Even as a jokester he is a very hard worker.  He used to work out in the evenings but due to a new job he joined team 6AM shortly after the Paleo Challenge started.  I had not seen him in a while and when he came in and took his shirt off I barely recognized him.  Great job Dave.  Team 6AM is lucky to have you!


The Paleo diet is working for me.  I’ve lost around 15lbs.  I look better (I know, hard to imagine), and I’m making progress CrossFit.  Consistency with Paleo was difficult for a number of reasons. Throughout the first couple of months there were some major changes in my life.


First I went on a two week vacation and it’s hard to eat Paleo around family and friends.  Although, now I have found ways to be more disciplined and have not caved at friends’ BBQ’s and the like.  Second, I had two very close friends pass away, which while very painful, caused any number of Paleo breakdowns.  Truth be told, CrossFit really helped me hold it together through an extremely tough time.  Third, I switched to another company and was eating all my meals out, which makes it hard to stay Paleo, though I tried. 


For  now, Paleo solved.  Three weeks ago I hired a personal chef to cook five days worth of food for me every Monday.  She cooks Paleo and the variety is awesome.  I do allow for Feta cheese, but that’s about it.  Some of the fruit may be a little high in sugar.  Still, three meals a day will usually make it through the whole week.  I’m really busy with work so it’s great and it works out to less that $12 a meal or $240 a week.


I plan to continue the Paleo diet and the personal chef (I know, seems pretentious but it works for me).  I’m enjoying it more, and I’m more successful in terms of discipline.  I like the results too.  So do the ladies apparently.  I have a date this weekend with the Swedish Bikini Team (kidding!).  The one major stumbling block is alcohol.  I’m trying my best to keep it to the weekend.  The new job pretty much takes care of that.


The Paleo cocktail is good though:  Tequila, soda, and lime.  It’s a good drink.  Wine is acceptable.  Beer, now there’s an issue.  I guess I have to work on the self destructive tendencies.  CrossFit definitely helps.  Plus surfing dawn patrol will keep me from messing up too much.


All and all, the CrossFit and Paleo combo is working.  I plan to keep going, even when I qualify for boomers status.  How old is that anyway?  Geez, just the thought has me reaching for the Paleo cocktail.  Psych!  I’m exercising a little discipline.  Thanks to CrossFit and the Paleo challenge and a big up to the person chef.  Now if only Megan Fox would quit calling me.  Late!  Much love. 



David Hanen




200 Double Unders for time


5×8 Ring Dips



500m Row

30 Burpees

10 Jerks (165/95)