Dave’s Tuna Salad

Here is a great recipe courtesy of Christa at Dave’s Albacore right down the street.

1- 6oz can of Dave’s Ono Tuna

1- Hard Boiled Egg

Red Bell Pepper (I like the small sweet peppers-super cheap at Costco)


Lemon Juice

Back Olives (mmm fat)


Mayo is ok if you are +dairy, if not, you can use flax oil or canola mayo. Be sure to check the ingredients as a lot of dairyless mayo has the evil soy in it.  I like the lemonnaise pictured above for a little flavor.  New Leaf has a bunch of choices.

The nice thing about a cold dish that does not have to be cooked is that you can change the ratio of ingredients as you make it.  Not enough mayo?  Add a little more.  Not enough bell pepper or olives?  Toss in some extra.  I usually start with less and add more as the dish develops.  It is also easy too split in half and then add extra ingredients if making for two people who like it differently.

This is really tasty.  Due to the price of Dave’s products, I don’t eat this as a meal, but munch on it when I just need a snack.  That way it lasts a lot longer.  You can experiment with the ingredients to make more from the one can of fish.  Try chopped celery (or serve on celery), chopped apple, slivered carrots, an extra egg, slivered almonds, dried cranberries or blueberries (not the kind with sugar added), or a little mustard or horseradish for some zing.

For suggestions, ideas, or comments, please contact Christa at [email protected]

Paleo snacks?  What are your favorites?  Please post to Comments.


Overhead Squats



5 Rounds

100m Sprint

3 Deadlifts 85% 1RM

5 Broad Jumps for Speed and Distance

1 Minute Rest between rounds.

Post squat weight to Comments.