Deja Vu

Rich Fronning back to back CrossFit Games Champion!


Annie Thorisdotter back to back CrossFit Games Champion!!

The 2012 CrossFit Games have finally come to a close. What used to be a grueling three day weekend compettion with multiple workouts each day has turned into a four day competition this year. The first day being Wednesday and starting off with an open water ocean swim, bike and run event followed by an obstacle course competition.

Each year it seems the level of competition has grown exponentially all while continuously pushing the limits of human potential. What these athletes are able to do is simply incredible. This year we had for the first time in the CrossFit Games history, not only two athletes taking first place in multiple years but both male and female athletes did it in back to back years! Rich Fronning and Annie Thorisdotter for the second year in a row are your 2012 CrossFit Games champions!

Every year I had heard it said that any of the top five men and women could have taken first place. It just depended on what the workouts were and how they might favor one athlete over the other. Well, I think Rich and Annie proved that theory wrong this year. If you did not get a chance to watch any of the events live you can watch each workout here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the event archive. The 2012 CrossFit season is officially over and now begins training for 2013!! Who’s fired up?!

A huge congratulations to CF West member Chris Kulp, the Professor, for once again (he was 2nd last year, 3rd this year) taking the podium in the 60+ Masters Division. Great work Chris.


Overhead Squat




Squat Clean Thruster (95/63)