Post WOD bliss.

Post WOD bliss.




Diane is one of the original CrossFit storms and she is a killer. Like many CrossFit WODs, Diane looks kind of easy on paper. Deadlifts at 225# isn’t that intimidating to a lot of people, and a bunch of handstand pushups isn’t anything to get yer knickers in a bunch. Or so people who have never met Diane think. But looks can be deceiving.

Above and beyond the fact that 45 handstand pushups isn’t a walk in the park for anyone, there is something about going from the deadlift to complete inversion in a handstand that is really taxing. The two movements are almost completely opposite.

There are a couple of ways to scale Diane. With the deadlift, just lower (or raise) the weight. With the handstand pushups, you can get more creative. If you can do handstand pushups, but just not 21 or 15 in a row, try doing ring dips when you just can’t do any more handstand pushups, then go back to the handstand pushups for the next round. If you can’t do handstand pushups, kick up into a handstand, hold the body rigid for a moment, then drop down.

If you can scale the handstand pushups up, concentrate on bringing the hands in close to shoulder width, as in a push press. Parallettes can be used to get greater range of motion.

Give Diane a try. It’s Amundson’s favorite girl.



21, 15, 9

Deadlift 225/155#

Handstand Pushup

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