Diesel Power


In Full Beast Mode, David “Diesel” Millar powers through 13.5 on his way to firmly clinching 3rd place overall in all of NorCal as everyone in the gym gathers around to support, cheer and watch in awe as he continues to inspire us all.

The Open has come to an end.  It was an amazing five weeks to watch and do.  I just love how much The Open brings the community together and brings out such truly amazing performances from within, whether it be hitting a new Snatch PR during 13.1, (and then hitting it again and again and again), getting their first Muscle-Up on 13.3, or someone just reaching deep within themselves and fighting through till the very last second.  The entire experience is empowering.

Now that the dust has settled, it looks like CrossFit West Santa Cruz has secured 5th place overall in the NorCal Region and 26th place overall in the entire world.  Of the four teams ahead of us in the NorCal Region, three have athletes who are all going individual.  Even without that being the case, the CrossFit West team has a very good shot at making it to the Games this year!  Congratulations to Brooke Ence (131), Alicia Bailey (83), Erica Barnum (78), David Millar (166), Chris Morse (147), and PJ Rubel (145), who achieved the high scores for 13.5.  David Millar’s impressive 166 has put him firmly in sole possession of third place overall in all of NorCal, second only to Neal Maddox and Jason Khalipa.

For those of you who missed the BBQ today, you missed some big announcements.

The 2013 CrossFit West Santa Cruz Competition Team has been announced!  The team roster is:

David MIllar

Chris Morse

PJ Rubel

Matt Malone

Brooke Ence

Alicia Bailey

Erica Barnum

Andrea Horowitz

Congratulations Team West!!!  Your continued sacrifice and relentless efforts have done MUCH more than just secure your spot on the CrossFit West Team.  You have not only provided us with an outstanding team that we can all embrace, watch, support and cheer for, but you have provided us with an immeasurable level of excitement and inspiration as we all got to witness your performances over the last five weeks.  Team West, YOU inspire US!  As you continue to train for Regionals, know that you are not alone in this endeavor.  You are our champions and we have your back.

We can’t wait to support you at Regionals!!!


400m Sprint x 3 – Rest 2‐3 minutes between efforts.


Five Rounds For Time;

1 Rope Climb

10 DB Snatch (5 per arm) – (40/25)

20 Air Squats