Got kinesio-taping? CF West ace trainer Jason H shows off his spidey web taping job.

The word discipline is a loaded one in CrossFit. CrossFitters tend to be a disciplined lot, but that discipline can come in many forms. Of course there is the discipline to come train regularly, to stick to nutritional plan, to hit it hard. I think that is the easiest kind of discipline for most CrossFitters. How about the discipline to work on your goats, to regularly foam roll and stretch? Probably not as popular a discipline.

The recent Open Qualifier WODs have brought to light another kind of discipline. When we look at Mikko do a WOD and marvel at his score, we often say something along the lines of “that guy is a machine”, meaning that he just keeps going, keeps banging out the reps. But what it really means is that he has WOD discipline. He has the discipline to keep to his game plan, no matter how much it hurts.

Let’s look at the latest WOD, WOD 3, as an example. WOD 3 is max reps of squat clean and jerk in 5 minutes. Most athletes to tackle this WOD have some kind of game plan. But do they have the discipline to stick to it when thought processes are starting to get hazy as the pain sets in? Mikko does and it shows.

Jason Khalipa turned in a huge performance on WOD 3–82 reps. As you can see in the video of his performance on the Games page, Jason does thrusters, push presses, presses, and jerks. Despite his great performance, he is all over the place. I was actually talking to Jason earlier today, and I asked him about the WOD.  He said he just blanked out, that his mind just shut down, and he couldn’t keep to his plan.

The discipline to keep on task is one of the hardest to acquire. This is the same in CrossFit as it is in other aspects of life, studying for a test, for example.

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8 Heavy Singles



3 Rounds of the following complex:

1 Power Clean

2 Front Squats

1 Jerk


200m Run

For 3 total rounds.

Use 85% of power clean 1RM. (for example: do 1 PC, 2 FrSq, 1 Jerk three times, then run 200m. repeat everything for 3 rounds)