Dont Forget to Thank Your Trainer




By Jocelyn

Oh the things we do for you here at CrossFit West, us trainers. When you need us, we’re here for you. Like today, for example, due to a major accident on River and HW 1 there was a road blockage that basically trapped people in the Costco area. No cars could get out. Many of us were forced to stay put for hours. Golden, who was in the area, decided to stop by for a bit to let the traffic clear up. He planned on going home to get his workout gear and then return for the 5:30 class. However, no one could have predicted that this road block and traffic jam would last for hours. Soon CrossFiters began to arrive. The warm up was placed on the board. People began to embark on their 400m warm up run. Yet, the traffic still remained, and dearest Golden was stuck pacing in his jeans and dress shoes.

Panic began to set in for Golden. Jason and Nicole checked the trunk of their car to see if they had any extra shorts, but only to find a mini skirt that belonged to Nicole. That wouldn’t work. Others checked their bags, but to no avail. Then, Golden reached into one of the cubbies, an pulled out a tattered piece of ragged material. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be one of my old softball workout T shirts. One that had been “altered” so to speak. The sleeves had been cut off and the lower half removed…aka cut into a half shirt. I, with great sincerity, offered my article of clothing to Golden. Or rather, I begged him to wear it. So he decided to try it on for size. Although a bit snug, it would do. But what about the shorts?

Golden then panned the room. He scrolled right. He scrolled left. And as his eyes began to pass the middle of the room near the white board, where Kyle (the trainer typically referred to as the black heart) was standing he paused. Their eyes met.

“Well, I could use Kyle’s shorts,” Golden suggested.

The Black Heart, with only slight hesitation, obliged.

After a short ordeal where Golden and Kyle stood exchanging pants near the back “spotlight” platform, while other dignified trainer, Jason, agreeably stood as a “protector” of sorts, the two returned to the main floor- Kyle wearing Golden’s baggy jeans, and Golden wearing Kyle’s silky blue workout shorts. And thus, Golden, after what seemed might be a major dilemma, was able to complete the day’s WOD right on time.

Us trainers here at CrossFit West, we will literally give you the shirts off our back. And if you’re lucky, even the shorts off our butts.




*Congrats to Liz on her 225# Deadlift PR! As well as Ryan for his first muscle ups and Julie for her first kipping pull up. And to the many, many people who PR’d on Power Cleans with Sam on Monday. The list is so long it takes up have the white boards. Way to go guys!

400 meter run


50 ft. Overhead Lunge (45/33)
50 ft Burpee Broad Jump
5 Cleans (155/105)


400 meter run